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All In Africa

All In Africa is an online educational program that provides Africans with free open source education, training, mentorship, community involvement, and career opportunities.

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All In Africa is designed to empower Africans and bridge the diversity gap of developers through free open source education, comprehensive training, mentorship, vibrant community engagement, and career focused experiential opportunities. Participants will enhance their technical skills with access to open source courses, practical training, and hackathons.

The program offers a unique chance to connect with tech professionals and fellow students across Africa, fostering networking and collaboration. By joining this community, individuals can collaborate on impactful open source projects that address real-world challenges. 

All In Africa is a gateway to growth, learning, and meaningful connections within the African open source ecosystem and beyond.

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Open source, for all.

All Africans interested in Open Source are eligible to participate and join us.

{ Benefits of participating }

There are many reasons to particpate in the program, including:

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Advance your technical skills with free access to open source courses and training curriculum.

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Technical Training

Gain hands-on experience through virtual and in-person hackathons.

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Mentoring & Networking

Meet with software developers, engineers, and other tech professionals and network with other participants.

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Community & Collabortation

Access to a community of fellow open source enthusiasts and collaborating with them to work on and build cool open source projects that solve real-world problems. 

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Access opportunities to apply for funding to attend bootcamps, conferences and participate in fellowships throughout the year.

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Proudly wear your All In or partner-branded hoodies, socks, shirts, backpacks, and other swag you’ll receive by participating.

Benefits are subject to program completion and availability. Internships are not guaranteed.
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{ Ambassadors in Your Region }

The All In Africa Regional Ambassadors are open source leaders in the five regions of Africa: North Africa, East Africa, West Africa, South Africa and Central Africa.

Their role is to coordinate the various students in their regions, hold mini meetups, and be contact persons for their respective regions.

Are you All In?

All In Africa provides open source curriculum, career development, and opportunities at companies, nonprofits and within open source communities.

Registration is closed