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Community Collaboration

The Community Collaboration project coordinates DEI support between large and small open source projects. We are in the very early stages of building this program and highly encourage your input. To learn more and to open an issue with feedback, visit:

Maintainers Community Collaboration

During last year’s Maintainer Listening Tour, we heard from small projects who did not have the capacity to address DEI related issues in their projects but who desperately wanted to. We also heard from larger, well-resourced organizations who did have the capacity to help others in certain DEI-related areas.

The result is the Community Collaboration project. This project aims to serve as a coordination point between the two types of communities. With this project, large projects can volunteer to help smaller projects in any of these areas:

  • Changing default branch from Master to Main
  • Removing deadnames
  • Searching for and replacing non-inclusive terminology
  • Setting up and documenting a triage process

This project has not yet been released, but we are currently asking for feedback on our process and for large project volunteers. If you would like to join this project or offer comments, you can open an issue in our Community Collaboration repository or email