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All In for Maintainers

All In for Maintainers is a comprehensive initiative that seeks to provide maintainers with the training and technical support they need to advance diversity and inclusion within their communities.

Program Overview

From capturing 7,000+ voices in the 2021 Open Source DEI Survey to hosting 300 community members in the Maintainers Listening Tour, we have listened, learned, and now we’ve built an initiative to support maintainers to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within their communities.

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A maintainer is to a community what a manager is to a team - in each context, they directly influence the culture, practices, and communication styles in that community. In order to empower maintainers with the tools and information they need to advance DEI within their communities, we’ve launched All In for Maintainers. All In for Maintainers is a collaborative effort of solutions and resources for maintainers committed to advancing inclusion within open source projects and creating positive change within their communities.

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All In for Maintainers Key Programs

All In for Maintainers DEI Resource Hub

DEI Resource Hub

Resources for creating inclusive projects and welcoming open source communities.

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All In for Maintainers Badging

DEI Project Badging

Recognition for open source projects with a proven commitment to DEI.

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All In for Maintainers Creators

DEI Content Creators

Creation of new DEI resources and tools to automate work for maintainers.

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All In for Maintainers Community Matching

Community Collaboration Hub

Matching program for collaboration on community-specific DEI initiatives.

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