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Preliminary findings from the Maintainers Listening Tour at All Things Open 2021

Maintainers Listening Tour

In 2022, we completed the Maintainers Listening Tour, which was composed of a series of virtual and in person focus groups and individual interviews, and an online form for asynchronous feedback. We were able to connect with over 300 maintainers and community leaders who are interested in attracting and retaining new contributors from underrepresented backgrounds in tech.

As a result of the listening tour, we've launched All In for Maintainers which is designed to address some of the most pressing challenges shared by maintainers.

Preliminary Findings:

Common Pain Points Shared

Every time someone gives us advice on how to create DEI within our communities, it is often with some long, time consuming process. We are developers, can’t someone create some automated tools or scripts or something to help us? blue orb

It is overwhelming the number of DEI resources that we receive. We wish there was a website or repo where we could go that has all of those resources in one place. blue orb

Who's doing great work out there with DEI? What communities or projects? How can we find them and learn what they are doing? blue orb