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We are All In.

A community dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within open source.

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Introducing All In at the Open Source Summit 2021
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To open source
diversity & inclusion

Currently, diversity and inclusion is being approached in the same way that software development used to be prior to the creation of open source. Many efforts, in spite of significant resources and financial investment, are fragmented, not openly shared, only address part of the challenges, and are not collaborative with those outside of a single organization or very few partnerships.

To create a more inclusive open source community for developers everywhere, we will bring together corporate partners, industry leaders, researchers, and foundations to build upon existing research and initiatives. We invite you to join us.

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All In brings together corporate partners, industry leaders, researchers, and foundations to build upon existing research and initiatives to create a more inclusive open source community for developers everywhere.

The goals of All In will be aligned across four pillars:

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All In will seek to lower barriers to access and provide an on-ramp and clear pathways to success for future developers from underrepresented backgrounds and regions. Our programs will provide support to increase contributors to open source in various stages of their journey and from all walks of life - students, military veterans, career changers, retirees, and formerly or currently incarcerated.

We will also address infrastructure challenges such as inequities in course curriculum at some Minority Serving Institutions and challenges to access such as lack of reliable internet connectivity or cost to connect to the internet.

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Inclusion happens at the community level. Maintainers and community leaders are largely responsible for setting the tone for a culture of inclusion within their communities. All In will engage with maintainers to understand their experiences, challenges, and what support they need to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our efforts will center on providing resources, tools and direct technical assistance.

We will also partner with the CHAOSS Project to establish an All In badging program for maintainers, communities, and projects to publicly signal which communities are going beyond a stated commitment by doing the work to drive inclusion.

All In for Maintainers
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All In will leverage GitHub Sponsors to provide direct financial support to maintainers from marginalized and/or historically excluded backgrounds, and projects that serve under-resourced communities.

We will also seek to amplify underrepresented voices through the creation of the All In Speakers Bureau to increase the representation of open source speakers at conferences and events. We will also help connect new voices to opportunities to contribute to articles and podcasts.

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All In will provide insight into the current state of diversity, equity, and inclusion within open source, challenges that need to be addressed, and strengths that can be leveraged to create a more inclusive culture within our communities. We will make informed, data-driven decisions, ensure we have short term metrics of success, and monitor longitudinal data to measure long-term impact.

Our first initiative was to create the 2021 Open Source Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Survey and partner with the Linux Foundation to survey across the open source ecosystem. View the final report here. We are now collaborating with corporate partners to research inequities in computer science and other technical education programs.