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All In for Maintainers

{ All In for Maintainers Listening Tour }

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the All In for Maintainers Listening Tour.

All In for Maintainers is a program that is being designed to support maintainers with advancing diversity and inclusion within their communities through training and direct technical support. As part of this process, the Maintainers Listening Tour seeks to better understand what maintainers are doing to advance diversity, inclusion, and belonging within their communities, and the challenges they are facing along the way.

All inputs from the Listening Tour will be analyzed in the aggregate, and you will have the opportunity to approve quotations prior to publication, or to contribute anonymously. A summary report is expected to be shared January/February 2022.

For questions, please contact

Maintainers Listening Tour

Please answer the following questions based on what you have seen or done within or outside your community:

New contributors

Repeat Contributors

Community Culture

Availability of Resources

The Future