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All In for Students

All In for Students is an online program for tech students from underrepresented backgrounds that provides open source education, training, and internship opportunities.

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Program Overview

{ Who is eligible to participate? }

Students enrolled full time or part time at a:

  • U.S. Historically Black College or University (HBCU)
  • U.S. Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)
  • U.S. Women’s College
  • U.S. Community College
  • Any U.S. four-year institution and identify as a racial or ethnic minority

{ Benefits of participating }

There are many reasons to particpate in the program, including:

Internship Opportunities* icon

Internship Opportunities*

Apply for exclusive internship opportunities with companies such as GitHub, Microsoft, Red Hat, Fidelity, Cisco, Intel, and many more companies, startups, nonprofits, and open source communities as our list of partners and the opportunities available to you expands.

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Advance your technical skills with free access to open source courses and training curriculum.

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Technical Training

Gain hands-on experience through virtual and in-person hackathons.

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Career Development

Receive individual resume reviews, mock interviews, and more! Learn about team communication, how to leverage employee resource groups, and other key development topics.

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Proudly wear your All In or partner-branded hoodies, socks, shirts, backpacks, and other swag you’ll receive by participating.

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Access opportunities to apply for funding to attend bootcamps, conferences and participate in fellowships throughout the year.

Mentoring & Networking icon

Mentoring & Networking

Meet with software developers, engineers, and other tech professionals and network with students from other schools throughout the U.S.

Benefits are subject to program completion and availability. Internships are not guaranteed. Program requirements must be completed and students must apply and be accepted to various internships and other opportunities.

{ How to get started with All In }

If you're interested in participating in the All In for Students Program, follow the instructions below to learn next steps!

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Sign Up Online

Step 1 - Watch What Is All In for Students

Step 2 - Join All In for Students

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Complete the Introductory Coursework

Step 1 - Watch 4 Things You Must Have on Your Resume

Step 2 - Watch Level Up with LinkedIn

Step 3 - Submit Resume and LinkedIn Profile

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Join the Group

Someone from the All In program will review your resume and LinkedIn profile.

If your resume and/or LinkedIn profiles do not need edits:
You will receive an invitation via LinkedIn to join the All In for Students LinkedIn group, where you will have access to internship opportunities and other benefits.

If your resume and/or LinkedIn profiles needs edits:
We will email you directly to make the necessary edits. Then, you can resubmit your information to be admitted into the LinkedIn group.


Does the program accept students in their senior year?

Yes. However, our corporate partners typically are seeking summer interns rather than full time employees. For Summer 2023, seniors who are still seeking employment may be placed in positions with open source communities to receive technical skills post graduation.

When will students know if they have been accepted into the program?

There is no application process for this program. However, students must complete the course requirements and assignments, which include a resume and a LinkedIn profile. Once we receive all the assignments, students will be granted access to the private LinkedIn group, which will have all of the benefits of the complete program.

Will the students be paid to participate?

Students received stipends during the pilot to complete the coursework and technical experience. This year, summer internships are paid opportunities. They will also be eligible for scholarships to attend tech conferences, participate in boot camps, and apply for fellowships. We will also provide funding for students to participate in an in-person hackathon during Spring 2023, where cash prizes are available.

What if a student has to miss part of the program?

We know students have a lot on their plates! Therefore, we have designed the program to be self-paced and able to be completed on a rolling basis. Students should understand internship opportunities are available starting in October 2022, meaning the sooner they satisfy the initial requirements, the sooner they can be added to the private LinkedIn group and apply for the internships. Companies begin placing their interns very early; thus, we highly recommend students get started and complete the requirements to begin applying for internships as soon as possible.

Can we make this curriculum available to other students?

Yes. Any student from our participating schools is eligible to join the program once he/she/they complete the requirements. Computer Science, IT, computer information systems, Cybersecurity, and other tech-related majors and concentrations have priority.

Are students guaranteed an internship?

We cannot guarantee internships. Our corporate partners make internship opportunities available specifically for All In students, but the students must still apply and interview. Students will be competing against other All In students for the positions. We also understand that only some students want to work for large corporations. There will be opportunities for students to participate in paid internships with startups, nonprofits, and within open-source communities. We also partner with other tech organizations to offer students scholarships to attend boot camps and fellowships.

Are you All In?

All In for Students provides open source curriculum, career development, and opportunities at companies, nonprofits and within open source communities. Consider becoming a corporate partner today.